Queens businessman kidnapped and tortured

May 23, 2013 6:28:56 PM PDT
A businessman was yanked off the streets in Queens and held captive for a month, while being mercilessly tortured and even burned with acid.

The kidnappers demanded a ransom while they held the victim at a warehouse in Long Island City.

At the home of Pedro Portugal, a relative refused to comment, but it's pretty clear how they must feel; Absolute relief now that the 52-year-old victim's kidnapping ordeal is over.

"It was something out of a bond movie," said Richard Brown, Queens District Attorney.

It certainly has the elements of a Hollywood movie.

A middle-aged accountant was kidnapped from his Roosevelt Avenue office in broad daylight more than a month ago.

Investigators say in the back of the SUV, the suspects "punched Mr. Portugal in the face and body." And "held a knife to his stomach and ordered him not to move or else he would be stabbed."

That was just the beginning of the Queens father's ordeal.

He was transported to a Long Island City warehouse where over a period of 32 days he was forced to call his mother in Ecuador and request $3 million.

Its money investigators say the family didn't have.

According to prosecutors, the victim was tied up as "a group of masked males burned his hand with acid, threatened to cut off his fingers and kill him, and punched him in the face and body, causing him to lose teeth and suffer multiple bruises, swelling and substantial pain to his face and body."

The torture ended this past Monday.

NYPD detectives tracked the victim to the warehouse, arresting some of the suspects, and most importantly, saving the victim's life.

Three suspects are currently under arrest, and on Thursday police announced that they are actively searching for a fourth suspect.