Green Card con artist accused of new scams

May 24, 2013 8:14:50 PM PDT
New information on a story you saw only on Eyewitness News after we were the first to expose a woman accused of ripping off $18,000 from an immigrant.

After our story aired, more people have come forward with their own horror stories.

Latoya Buckley says she had no idea that the woman who allegedly scammed her out of a $1500 rent deposit was also running a green card scam.

We recently confronted Parbattie Maraj after she admitted selling phony government ID's to this illegal immigrant for $18,000 cass, then kept lying about promising to give the money back. Buckely says she felt a sinking feeling of déjà vu.

"I requested my money back and she kept telling me yes, she still hasn't given me anything," she said.

Buckley says in March, she was ready to move into the basement apartment in Richmond Hill, Queens where Maraj lives upstairs.

"I have receipts that she received my money totaling $1500," she adds.

She said she rented a truck and showed up with all of her belongings on moving day but was told the room was under renovation.

Maraj stopped payment on a check to Buckley, just as she did to the Green card victim, and there's yet another scam she's allegedly been running.

"That she's a recruiter for Verizon," said Karen Jones.

Jones says her son paid Maraj $500 for fees to get hired at Verizon. There was no job, but there was yet another bounced check.

Sarah Wallace asks: "How do you look at her?

Buckley: "Like a thief?Of course I wanted to let you know, and New York know she is doing this, she's a scammer", she adds.

Just before airtime, Maraj, who refused to answer her door today, called Sarah Wallace on the phone. Her excuse for her latest round of scams, she says she's taking medication and it must have done something to her brain. She promised to pay all the victims back.


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