Residents protest bike sharing program

May 25, 2013 3:38:05 PM PDT
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the market will determine the success of the city's ambitious bike-sharing program.

Many residents rallied Saturday, demanding the Department of Transportation to get bikes out of Petrosino Park, and give them back to their public space.

"It's not legal, it's not in the community interest," said protestor Greta Watson, "We have petitions, we have hundreds of signatures. We are out here every day protesting."

Protestors say they are not against the city's bike sharing program. In fact, they applaud the 6,000 bikes at more than 300 kiosks around Manhattan and Brooklyn. However, they say Petrosino Park in SoHo is an art park that is not meant for this program.

City Comptroller John Liu agrees, and says he is working with the DOT on a solution.

Bloomberg said on WOR Radio on Friday that anti-bike criticism "makes good theater."

More than 9,000 people who have signed up for the program will be able to ride starting Monday. The bikes will be available to anyone starting June 2. A preview week will begin this Monday on May 27.

An annual membership costs $95 and a day pass will cost $9.95.

Some New Yorkers say the kiosks that have been set up for the bikes take up too much space on the streets.

Others have complained because the program is limited to parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Bloomberg said the program will be expanded if it succeeds.

He said New Yorkers should "let the free marketplace decide."