1 train derailed at 125th Street and Broadway

May 29, 2013 8:05:52 PM PDT
A number one subway train has derailed at 125th Street and Broadway.

The train was full of people at the time. Two other trains pulled up to the disabled one and passengers were transferred off the disabled one and walked through the two other trains and into the station. There are no reports of injuries.

It appears two wheels of the train are off the track near 122nd Street.

- As a result, 1 service is suspended in both directions between 137th Street and Chambers Street.
- 1 trains are running in both directions between 137 St-City College to Van Cortlandt Park- 242 St.
- 1 trains are running in both directions between South Ferry and Chambers St.
- and 1 trains are running local in both directions between Chambers St and 96 St.
- There is shuttle bus service in both directions between 96 St and 137 St-City College.

Passengers rushed to get out of the subway station.

"People, you have to be interviewed by the detective bureau before you leave," an officer said.

They gathered on Broadway, right underneath the platform where the derailment began.

"I just felt a really big bump," a passenger said.

The 1 train was heading south.

One passenger recorded cell phone video as it happened.

"You could feel the train jump," Dwight, a passenger, said.

The train went off the tracks just as it was entering a tunnel.

There were more than 400 passengers on board.

Power was out, and most had no idea what was happening.

"I was hot and nervous. (Why were you nervous?) Because of everything going on in this world," said Jasmine Bravo, a passenger.

They would later learn that the train had derailed.

First responders worked to get them off the disabled train.

"That took over an hour and it must of seemed like forever, it was hot, it was hot," a firefighter said.

Down on Broadway, NYPD detectives interviewed passengers as they try to determine what happened.

"They wanted to know what you heard and did you see anything?" a passenger said.

The MTA says they have no timetable on when the train will be removed. The investigation into what happened has just begun and is expected to take a while.

Once the train is cleared, repairs will have to be made to the tracks.

For more information on service please visit: http://www.mta.info.