Alleged fake immigration ID scammer arrested again

May 30, 2013 3:24:56 PM PDT
A woman is under arrest for an alleged immigration scam.

Prosecutors in Queens want to know if there are more victims.

Earlier this month in an exclusive report, Eyewitness News told you about a woman who allegedly sold fake government IDs for thousands of dollars to a man who thought he was getting them legally. Now she's facing new charges.

Prabattie Muraj met one week ago with The Investigators' Sarah Wallace, claiming it was others, not her, running a scam, selling bogus citizenship documents to unsuspecting immigrants.

But Muraj is on probation after serving two years on federal fraud charges. Now the Queens District Attorney's Office has stepped in, arresting Muraj for grand larceny and forgery.

Queens is the most diverse county in the country; nearly half of its residents are foreign born. And so demand is high for documentation, and assistance in navigating complex immigration laws.

Muraj is accused of selling fake social security and green cards to a Trinidadian immigrant for $6,000. Prosecutors say she even went with the victim to 26 Federal Plaza to fill out paperwork.

It is the same exact M.O. described to Eyewitness News by another victim who says the ruse was believable because Muraj claimed she was an immigration attorney.

But the documents were not good, and Muraj, who now faces seven years in prison, is not an attorney.