3rd grade boy allegedy forced to perform sex act on classmates

May 31, 2013 2:45:06 PM PDT
School officials were on alert on Monday, shielding students from the media. However, according to two lawsuits, administrators at P.S. 194 in Harlem have done little over the last couple of years to protect children from a number of sexual assaults by students in the building.

The latest incident took place in March of 2012. A fifth grader allegedly ordered a third grade boy into a bathroom stall and forced the victim to perform oral sex on him and two other boys. According to the lawsuits, the ringleader is the same child, who two years before that molested a female classmate on multiple occasions.

Tehanie Aboushi is the lawyer representing both victims. Aboushi says the student was never disciplined after the first incident, and was suspended for only 10 days following the second.

News of the allegations comes as a surprise to many of the parents.

Still, P.S. 194 is a state list of "persistently dangerous" schools.

Following the incident, Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott released a statement saying,

"I feel strongly that all students are entitled to a safe school environment, and I take allegations of improper contact very seriously. I cannot go into further detail because of confidentiality rules and pending litigation."