Woman attacked and robbed at ATM in Queens

May 31, 2013 8:18:23 PM PDT
The victim of a vicious ATM robbery in Queens is speaking out about the brutal attack.

A man who waited at the ATM next to hers as she withdrew money targeted her.

It's courageous that she's speaking out, but the assault is a lesson to anyone who uses an ATM.

"I feel the pain in my back and the back of my neck," said Juliana Rivera, robbery victim.

Juliana Rivera says this robber didn't just steal her wallet he stole her piece of mind.

"It's always on my mind. You don't feel the same anymore, you feel like someone is always watching you," Rivera said.

The Rosedale mother stopped by a Bank of America ATM on Conduit Avenue near 241st in Rosedale to get cash on her way to work Thursday morning.

She noticed a man at a nearby gas station looking at her but didn't think anything of it.

"I went to the ATM then I heard the door open and I saw he came in. I turned around and he just went to the other ATM and he didn't pay me no mind," Rivera said.

Just as Rivera grabbed her three hundred dollars from the machine, the man went on the attack, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

"I just felt this blow in my face and I was sent back in the garbage container," Rivera said.

Rivera did the smart thing, picking her safety over the money.

"I figured he wanted the cash so I let it go and I said, 'You can have it, you can have it, don't hurt me.' But he continued hitting me," Rivera said.

Keep in mind this bank branch is on busy South Conduit Avenue and the robbery happened just before the morning rush hour commute, not to mention in a space that's obviously covered with cameras.

A Good Samaritan tried to catch the violent crook, but couldn't.

Now police are relying on witness statements and the surveillance video to get him off the street.

"I hope someone will see him and recognize him. Get that monster off the street so he won't do it somebody else again," Rivera said.

Ms. Rivera says after this experience she will only go the ATM during normal business hours when there are plenty of people inside the bank.