Budget cuts may close 4 New York City pools

June 1, 2013 5:46:33 PM PDT
Pool season in the city begins June 28th, but the gates of the Mayor Wagner Pool in East Harlem could remain locked.

Neighborhood kids might not get to go swimming because the city is considering closing the pool along with three others because of budget problems.

Peter Daly is concerned about the children who will get shut out.

"Once you close this pool down, and then they have nowhere to go, then what happens?" says Daly, "they have nowhere to go, they get in trouble and do bad things, and that society says they're a bunch of wild kids. That's not fair."

"This pool is useful for these kids. They need this pool. Grownups need this pool. It keeps their kids busy during the summer," said local resident Daniel Cohen.

In order to keep the four pools that are on the chopping block open, the city needs to find an extra $1.5 Million.

State Senator Daniel Squadron says he has a solution. He is proposing a partnership program that will split money and resources between city parks.

"We should implement my Neighborhood Parks Alliance, which would match conservancies and parks doing really well with parks that are suffering, so they get more dollars immediately," says Squadron.

The three other pools that are in danger of closing are the Howard Pool in Brooklyn, the Fort Totten Pool in Queens, and the Faber Pool on Staten Island.