Transit workers make rap video to promote subway safety

June 3, 2013 2:19:01 PM PDT
New York City transit workers want to help keep you safe while waiting for the train.

The transportation workers union came up with a rap video to help remind people of the dangers of standing too close to the edge on the platforms.

The message is pretty straightforward: Stay off the yellow, stay alive.

"Everyone's dying, people getting pushed. We have to stand back," the lyrics say.

With almost 30 fatal subway accidents so far this year, the prompt to stay away from the edge of the platform cannot be underscored enough.

It's repeated every few seconds on the loudspeaker, and now it's echoed in rap in the video featuring 'The Grim Rapper', played by the union spokesperson Jim Gannon.

"We're getting some real buzz out of it, so hopefully it will have some impact," said Gannon.

While workers might get an 'A' for effort and creativity, the real question is, will it make a difference to riders?

"Probably not, to be honest," said one straphanger we spoke to.

But Michael Joseph said it's a great idea. He admits he used to stand too close to the edge and lean out to watch for an oncoming train, until he almost fell over.

Now he pays attention to messages like this.

"I would rather have a person get on the train before me than be in the hospital," said Joseph.