Child get suspect's gun, scares off home invaders

June 4, 2013 2:22:37 PM PDT
NYPD officials have released new video of the suspects they want to question in a home invasion and robbery attempt at a home on East 80th Street in Canarsie, Brooklyn.

The attack was not just brazen and terrifying, parts of it were caught on surveillance video.

One of the cameras is outside on the victims' porch. The other is inside.

The video shows you the two men who entered this home and allegedly tried to shake down the victims in Canarsie, Brooklyn.

The first suspect wearing a baseball hat and caring a cardboard box is also wearing a FedEx uniform.

Eyewitness News is told he was pretending to be making a delivery.

The second man follows in a black shirt and green pants. You can see his gun.

Police believe they tricked the victims into opening their front door Monday around 5:15 in the early evening on East 80th St.

Once inside, you see the first man run up the stairs and try to kick in the door followed by the second suspect.

Authorities say they demanded cash from the terrified victims. Instead they got a big dose of courage from a 10-year-old boy.

When one of the thugs dropped his gun, Eyewitness News told the little boy picked up the weapon in a flash and fired at him. He missed.

The second man fired a shot back. He missed too.

But it was clear the gunmen did not hold all the power, so they fled.

Authorities are searching for the two armed, fake, delivery men, while the family remains sequestered at home asking for privacy as they try to work through the trauma of Monday night.