Baby black bear pulled out of tree in Montclair, New Jersey

June 4, 2013 3:30:16 PM PDT
Quite a scene in Montclair, New Jersey all because of a little black bear in a tree.

The bear was ruffling nerves and forced several playgrounds in the area to be evacuated, until wildlife experts moved in.

He was very gentle, taking care of himself, holding on for as long as he could," said Mary Anne Vaughn.

The bear had been seen in town Monday and Tuesday he was cornered in Watchung Park, and hiked up a tree probably a little scared.

"Mommy kicked him out, so he's looking for his own stomping ground," said Kelcey Burgess with NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Burgess says larger male bears probably scared him off too, and he's still too young to go up against them. He was met with a pretty compassionate crowd out here though.

"It was kinda fun, i lived here all my life, you don't see a bear in town too often," said Peter Zorich.

Wildlife experts shot him with a tranquilizer, they and police held a net under him until the drugs finally knocked him out.

They tested his blood, he's healthy, they tagged him, weighed him and let him sleep.

He's being taken to a remote wildlife area far away in hopes he won't be able to find his way back.