Big head mystery near Long Island construction site

June 4, 2013 3:09:38 PM PDT
On Long Island's East End, they can't make heads or tails of this bizarre find - a discovery that's, well, turning heads.

It is a terra cotta head - a bust of a woman that appeared under cover of darkness last month behind the East Hampton library.

"They carried it just out of our camera view of our new construction that's going up, and then nobody claimed it," Dennis Fabiszak said. "It's a real mystery as to where it came from and why it's here."

Fabiszak is the head librarian. He says it's got to be fifty pounds. On the back, an inscription: 'My wife forever, Della Penna.'

And if all this isn't strange enough, try this out. The head is positioned in such a way that this woman is staring every day at a construction project where workers building a new children's wing for the library.

She's definitely messing with their heads.

"She just stares at us all day long. Pretty weird," said one worker.

"Creepy, it's odd," said another.

But wait! It gets even creepier. Because when Fabiszak Googled Della Penna and head, he came up with this report of a murdered 17 year old from Philly in 1972. Her name was Delores Della Penna. The only part of her body that never turned up? Her head.

"I don't think it's connected in any way because this says 'my wife forever' and that was a 17 year old girl that wasn't married. It just adds a little bit to the mystery," Fabiszak said.

He hopes someone comes forward to claim it, and if not, he'll put it on display.