Student saves life by warning of suicide threat

June 5, 2013 7:55:55 PM PDT
A young girl is alive and getting help after her friend alerted a guidance counselor that her friend talked about committing suicide.

"She admitted that she didn't want to live no more. She was tired of being bullied," said Arcadio Rodriguez, Adrian's father.

Arcadio and Blanca Rodriguez say their daughter Adrian is under 24-hour suicide watch at the hospital after trying to take her life.

They say their 12-year-old daughter is the victim of physical and verbal abuse from bullies at MS 172 in Queens.

"Calling her a whore, calling her stupid, calling her ugly. All these things building up all year until finally she couldn't take it anymore," Arcadio Rodriguez said.

"The same kids say, 'You're better off dead. You're better off dead. You're better off dead!'" Blanca Rodriguez said.

The Queens Village parents say she tried to slit her wrists Friday, but a friend told a guidance counselor who then alerted the family.

"If this kid didn't open her mouth and say 'Adrian is in trouble' we wouldn't have Adrian here today," Arcadio Rodriguez said.

Adrian's parents say they reached out to the principal for help several times and that they were reassured the bullying would stop.

Adrian's friend Gabrielle Molina committed suicide nearly two weeks ago after being bullied by classmates online.

Adrian's parents point the blame firmly on the parents of these bullies, saying they could have corrected this problem well before it got to this.

"She's alive. She's getting help. I know she's going to prosper from this," Arcadio Rodriguez said.

The Department of Education explains this is the first time the school heard about an allegation of bullying and will look into it.

The school said there were two separate incidents this year and neither was bullying.

In each case, the school followed protocol took disciplinary action and held conferences with parents of the students involved.