91-year-old Mayor faces a challenge from a 23-year-old

June 5, 2013 2:57:52 PM PDT
No one could ever tell Clarence Michalis he lacks experience.

At 91 years old, he's New York state's longest serving mayor.

He serves Lattingtown, a small village on the North Shore, and in his 45 years on the job he's usually run uncontested.

But not this year.

His opponent 23 year old Nicholas DellaFera.

"My father, he's always said one thing you should always try to do is change the world in a positive fashion. So if I could start from the ground up, it's what I'm looking to do and I'm excited for it," DellaFera said.

Michalis, who by the way just stopped skiing last year, commends DellaFera for his enthusiasm.

"He comes from a nice family. Good college education. We need more people like that in public service. I just wonder if he's going about it the right way," Mayor Michalis said.

"If the young one wants to get involved, I think that's great and I encourage participation, but jumping in at the mayoral level seems a little ambitious," resident Gene Souther said.

"It's great they have a lot of wisdom, but I think a young person can also have a lot of wisdom and also keep an open mind to more contemporary ideas," resident Marisa Chafetz said.

People say no matter who wins, they're just happy that people around town are getting excited about an election that typically has very low voter turnout.

"I've lived here seven years and I never even knew until this year that the mayor had an election," resident Pamela Gil said.

But people surely know now.