8-year-old left behind on amusement park fieldtrip

June 7, 2013 9:21:19 AM PDT
A Brooklyn family claims an 8-year-old girl was left behind on a school field trip to Dorney Park in Pennsylvania, but the girl's school is denying those allegations.

The family says the school bus left the amusement park without the girl 100 miles from her home.

When the bus arrived in Brooklyn Thursday night Kamyah John's father erupted.

"They got to tell me why. Pure negligence," the student's father said.

The 8-year-old was the only student who went on the field trip and didn't come back.

"Yeah, anybody could have taken her," he said.

Dozens of school children from Arista Prep School on Kingston Avenue had gone on the trip to Pennsylvania's Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom.

The John family says Kamyah called home when the bus left without her.

"She borrowed someone's phone and said, "Mom, the school left me up here, you have got to come,'" said Victoria Varick, Kamyah's grandmother.

However, Arista Prep School denies the charges. The school issued a statement to explain its side of the story:

"Arista Prep School went on their Annual End of Semester Trip to Dorney Park in Allentown PA. Approximately 4:28PM, teachers, parents and Students went to the bathroom. Upon leaving the bathroom, a role call was mad to ensure that everyone that is on the list were there. When Kamyah's name was called there was no answer. Immediately, teachers and some parents went into the park to Family Lost and Found center to make a report. The Park took the description of the child among other details. The school was told that in 10 Mins the Park will make an announcement. During those 10 Mins, school officials together with parents searched every corner of the park. When School officials returned to the family center, they were informed that the child was at the next family center in the park and that she would be escorted over to us. At that point we were told that at the parent requested, the child should not return to New York with the bus but rather her aunt Denise, who lives nearby will get her. The parent also communicated that to school officials. We waited together with Kamyah and Park Security until her Aunt Denise came. We met with her Aunt, told her everything that happened and what steps were taken and handed over her personal belongings and $30.00 to the Aunt of the student. This information can be verified by Park officials. Contrary to what was reported none of the buses left the park until the child was delivered to her Aunt as instructed by the parent. Arista Prep School prides itself in ensuring that all our students are safe in school and on trips. Our excellent academic record speaks for itself and we are thankful that we were able to locate Kamyah and that she is safe.