Andrea causes major flooding on Long Island

Flooding in Melville, Long Island

June 8, 2013 5:29:26 AM PDT
Tropical Storm Andrea, the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, brought flooding rains to parts of Long Island on Friday.

The wet weather caused slick roads and bad accidents, including in Farmingville, where a driver lost control of his car on County Road 83 and slammed through a guardrail. He was treated at the scene and released.

In Setauket, a vehicle slammed into a telephone pole, knocking out elecricity to the entire area.

The water rose quickly in places like Long Beach, Lindhurst and Melville, where many cars became stuck in the flash flood.

"I'm glad I have a jeep, but it seems not even that is good enough to get through these puddles it appears," Doug Robinson of Greenlawn said.

Well, a lot of people couldn't get through them. They got stuck. If the fire department wasn't there to rescue them, their neighbors were - or in one case a local FedEx guy. Danny Weilmann decided to stop to help out the Kantors.

"I saw they needed help so I went and rescued them," Weilmann said.

An elderly woman also got stuck in her car along West Shore Road in Huntington. Minutes later a man in a jeep drove up to bring her to dry land. Her daughter waded back into the water to get things out of the car.

"We got stuck and we both fell into the water," she said.

For those who were lucky enough to not get stuck in the high rising water they did have to deal with tons of road closures and traffic jams. Brandon Russo was trying to get to the Hamptons when he got stuck in Melville too.

"We were trying to get through and we saw the cones and we couldn't tell what was going on. Then, all of a sudden, the car fan got flooded and the car shut off so we're trying to get to a dry place as soon as possible," Russo said.

The National Weather Service says up to five inches of rain had fallen across the New York area by late Friday night. Periods of heavy rain overnight could bring a couple of more inches before the remnants of Andrea pass by.

The heavy rain could leave behind a wet and muddy track for Saturday's running of the Belmont Stakes.

The track was rolled and sealed after Thursday's races to compress the dirt so water doesn't seep into the racing surface.

In Suffolk County, the Department of Health Services, has issued an advisory against bathing at 67 beaches due to the heavy rainfall. Among the beaches are those located along the northern shoreline of Great South Bay, in Sag Harbor, within and adjacent to various north shore embayments (Cold Spring Harbor, Huntington Harbor and Bay, Centerport Harbor, Northport Harbor and Bay, Port Jefferson Harbor Complex, and Stony Brook Harbor), and those Long Island Sound beaches that are directly impacted by nearby storm water discharges (See attached list.).

The advisory is based on the potential that bacterial numbers in excess of New York State standards, resulting from the heavy rain, will impact these areas.

Beach patrons are encouraged to call the Bathing Beach HOTLINE at 852-5822 and/or visit the Bathing Beach Website for the latest information and status on affected beaches. To visit the Bathing Beach Website visit, look under "Our Mission," scroll to "Our Environment" and click on the word "Beaches."