Woman claims her St. James house is haunted

June 10, 2013 5:41:15 PM PDT
A Long Island woman lost her husband in a horrific blaze eight years ago, and now a firefighter's widow says her house is haunted.

The home is located in St. James.

Armed with holy water, a crucifix and burning sage to ward off evil spirits, Jeanette Meyran says laugh if you want, but you don't live here.

"They practiced witchcraft here, occult, tortured animals here, and we found bones everywhere," said Jeanette Meyran, the homeowner.

She would not let Eyewitness News inside her home, but says the evil spirits she and her three kids have encountered for five years are real. She insists she has surveillance video to prove it.

"You see a green mass and skeletal moving masses," Meyran said.

She says she's made investments in this property like the back porch, pool, koi pond, to be an oasis to give her peace, and despite the odd occurrences she won't go anywhere.

"Why should I have to give this up?" Meyran said.

Jeanette talks about footsteps, growling, heads with horns and awful smells but also about angels.

"Kind of transparent, you can see the head and huge wings," Meyran said.

That, she believes, is connected to her late husband, Firefighter Kurt Meyran, who was killed in the line of duty eight years ago.

"This is spiritual warfare!" Meyran said.

The SyFy Channel has done an episode on her. So far no paranormal expert has been able to move anything on, but she's not moving either.