Luxury garage sale on Park Avenue begins Wednesday

June 11, 2013 3:14:27 PM PDT
Everyone loves a good deal, especially from top designers.

And on Wednesday, a new pop-up luxury garage sale kicks off in Manhattan.

It has everything from home decor to fashion.

It's free to attend, and we got a preview of the goods for sale.

It is a treasure chest: clothing, furniture, both modern and vintage, jewelry and run and grab items for as little as $35.

The pieces are all under one roof, a mansion where Elizabeth Taylor once lived. And as beautiful as the home is, the deals inside are even more fantastic.

It may be a one of a kind garage sale, but you will not find any typical nickel and dime items, rather high end prices that won't break your bank.

"There's really high and really low, you can get something for 25, 50 dollars that was originally 200 or 300 dollars, or you can go up to a few thousand dollars," said Frederick Anderson of Park Avenue Garage.

How about run and grab items, from $35 to $125.

There are evening bags for about $200, PJ's 3 for $20.

I zeroed in a set of 8 chairs in perfect condition: $1,000.

Everything is 50 to 75 percent off retail and in many cases are things you simply can't get in stores.

Frederick Anderson pulled together this collection, and tells me it was truly a labor of love.

Treasures from the showrooms and closets of top New York fashion, accessory and interior designers.

"It was like a little dream of mine, I'm involved with a lot of charities and this was a way to do something that's very altruistic but also is inspiring for me," said Anderson.

It's also a special event for Ann Dexter-Jones. She's launching her new line of jewelry, calling it rock and roll chic for women and secure men. Her daughter is celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson.

What makes this three-day sale even more spectacular is that it all takes place here inside a nearly 12,000 square foot mansion where Elizabeth Taylor lived while married to Mike Todd.

"You can really get into the lifestyle, which I love, you can walk through and kind of imagine either in your home or your dream home that you're going to buy it for so it's great, yeah," said Anderson.

A portion of the proceeds from this sale will go to three different charities.