Giant Lego exhibit in Times Square

June 13, 2013 4:00:17 PM PDT
The largest display of Lego art is hitting the Great White Way.

"I just one day thought what about this toy from my childhood, can I create artwork out of lego bricks," said Nathan Sawaya.

Well, you be the judge, it is easy to get lost here in a place where that toy Nathan and just about every kid played with, is a now the building block.

The art of the brick is not just any exhibit, it's the largest and most elaborate solo display of lego art in the world.

Nathan did his self portrait and has built more than 100 mind boggling creations now inside Discovery Times Square.

"When you are creating a human, it has to look curvy, so the real difficult part of making those rectangles look like curves and that's part of the fun," he said.

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