Suspected burglar caught hiding in clothes dryer

June 12, 2013 8:03:56 PM PDT
A not-so-smart suspected burglar in Westchester County is under arrest.

A teenager was captured by police in a most unusual way.

The homeowners say police locked down the New Rochelle neighborhood, and had the home surrounded, only to find the burglar cowering in a dryer.

Gwen and Aaron Stone are shaken because a burglar broke into their home Wednesday morning, stealing their sense of safety.

Police found the suspect, 19-year-old Gabriel Perez-Majia, wedged in a basement dryer of all things.

"It's just shocking that they would find him in a dryer machine," Gwen Stone said.

The stones say the suspect ransacked their Sunhaven Drive home, ripping the security system off the wall and hoping New Rochelle Police wouldn't respond.

Thankfully they did.

"It's just unreal that you leave in the morning with your family to do your life and you come back and you have half a police squad in your house trying to capture somebody who's doing something wrong and illegal," Aaron Stone said.

After getting the call from the alarm system, police found a broken window, and then a trail of the suspect's blood.

He got hurt breaking in.

That was more than enough for police dogs to follow the scent and find him hiding in the dryer, just a few feet away from a bag full of stolen jewelry and electronics.

"I'm just glad that no one was home. The girls were in day care. I'm just shaky," Gwen Stone said.

Turns out Majia works for the family's landscaper.

The burglar is being charged with second degree burglary.