Dog missing from salon for a week found

June 13, 2013 8:45:50 PM PDT
There's a sigh of relief from a dog owner in Bellmore.

He endured a week of wondering when his beloved pet suddenly disappeared.

The happy reunion happened as Eyewitness News went out to Long Island to help track the dog down.

"He's like a having a little son, when they are five pounds you worry about them," said Michael Riccio, dog owner.

When Eyewitness News met Michael Riccio at his salon, he was crushed, and had been for seven days, ever since his dog Billie vanished.

"He sits by the door, doesn't bother anybody," Riccio said.

The 6 year old darling, was a fixture here.

But last Thursday evening, a customer's innocent move, set in motion an awful chain of events.

"I think he left the door open a little too much and Billie may have had to go and he usually runs down to the end of the corner and comes back," Riccio said.

This time he didn't.

Michael made flyers and posted them all over the neighborhood, was offering a $1,000 reward.

But while Eyewitness News was there, there was a glimmer of hope.

"I just got a phone call, an anonymous phone call, a lady says he's at 2667, it's a mile away, do you want to go with me?" Riccio said.

So Eyewitness News came along, hoping to find Billie but the address didn't match, and the house number wasn't on the street.

Then, a neighbor told Eyewitness News to check a bungalow, and that a dog matching Billie's description had been spotted there. No one was home.

"Billie," Riccio called.

You could hear barking.

Hours later, the owner let us in, and Michael was reunited with Billie.

Michael, was reunited with Billie.

"I'm so happy Channel 7," Riccio said.

Chris Chimeri lives there and told Eyewitness News his buddy found the Pomeranian on Saturday.

"We were going to bring him tomorrow to scan him at the vet," said Chris Chimeri, a Bellmore resident.

Well, no more questions asked, all is good in Michael's world.