Would you pay $50 for a movie ticket?

June 14, 2013 3:08:57 PM PDT
Zombies don't come cheap, nor does the point man fighting World War Z, but would you pay 50 dollars to be first in line to see Brad Pitt's new one?

"I'm just not a big fan of his personally, but I wouldn't pay that to see anyone," said one moviegoer.

"It's far too much, far too much. You know it's expensive enough as it is right now," said another.

Seeing World War Z will cost New Yorkers the regular price, but in a test being conducted in five other cities by Paramount Pictures a so-called "mega ticket" will be available that includes the right to see the film a couple of days before it opens, custom 3-D glasses, a limited edition poster, a small popcorn and a digital download of World War Z when the film is released to home video.

Some movies thought it sounded like a good deal, but others not so much.

"That's way too much for that. It's not enough stuff," said one theatergoer.

"Maybe. If Brad Pitt comes and cooks me dinner, maybe," another said.

Just this week 'Star Wars' director George Lucas predicted going to popular movies like those he makes will soon cost everyone 50 bucks or even double and triple that amount without the extras.

That is okay with Steven Biscotti here to see "Man of Steel" for the 2nd time.

"It is that good, yes. I might be a little eccentric a fan, but that to me would be worth it," Biscotti said.

Okay, but let's get back to fifty bucks for brad. It seems he has some young fans who think he just might be worth paying the $50 price.