Mets catcher John Buck shares how he handles bad weather

mets catcher john buck

June 17, 2013 2:57:26 AM PDT
Weather has not been cooperating this baseball season.

The Mets lead the majors this year with the most weather delays. But then again, baseball is a game of unpredictability, failed attempts, and finding the silver lining.

It's something that MLB All-Star candidate, John Buck has caught on to.

"We've had snow, hot, humid, rain. We've had it all," Buck said.

Mets Catcher and hitter John Buck has been able to come out on the right side of the storms. He actually welcomes the chaotic weather. He's been able to handle a bigger workload with bonus rest days.

"I haven't had to miss that many games," Buck said.

You definitely cannot control the weather in baseball and John Buck has learned there is a lot in this game that is out of your hands but he's learned one simple tool that helps him cope with it all!

"When grandma said keep chin up she actually knew what she was talking about," Buck said.

In a game where failing is part of success, Buck's secret is keeping his head up. He calls it a REBOOT. A time to close his eyes and restart.

"Negative thought put it down chin down hold that thought Raise it above back down with the thought and raise? open eyes," Buck said.

A tool he's learned this from Life Coach, Jim Fanin. Buck's guru has taught him to succeed in a place where the best failures in the game end up in the Hall of Fame!

"Especially in sport of baseball, the man who has the most constants in a game of variable is the man that will always prevail!!" Fanin said.

And achieving greatness that he says can happen for everyone going to bat in daily life.

Fanin has shared his secrets to success with John Buck, but you can learn them too in his new book "the Pebble in My Shoe." Right now, John Buck is in the Top 5 for MLB All Star Votes.

The All-Star game is here in New York in July!

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