Teachers claim principal made school bombing threat

June 18, 2013 3:58:19 PM PDT
There are some shocking claims from teachers at a school in the Bronx.

They say their principal threatened to blow up the school with them inside.

They all work at Bronx Intermediate School 232 in Morris Heights.

Teachers hid their identities, but spoke out against their boss, the principal at M.S. 232 in the Bronx.

Neifi Acosta is now the subject of a Department of Investigation probe over comments made during a staff meeting in November.

Acosta allegedly told teachers he was stressed out and felt like donning a terrorist-type vest to blow them up.

M.S. 232 is actually a high performing school, earning an "A" rating over the last several years.

But educators claim Acosta's doomsday type talks are unsettling as are biblical passages posted in classrooms containing phrases like "We will never, ever surrender our freedom" and "We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed."

For now, Acosta remains on the job.

"It seems there was an initial investigation, at least by school safety, and they didn't feel it was warranted as far removal, and he's there doing his job and he'll finish out the school year there, and we'll see what happens with the investigation," said Dennis Walcott, Schools Chancellor.