Dance classes at Alvin Ailey to help get fit

June 20, 2013 1:55:29 PM PDT
It's New York City dance week at the Alvin Ailey American dance theater. That means you can try the classes for free.

From Salsa and Reggatone to West African dance, there are over 90 classes a week. And now new students can try one class at no cost.

"Just come here have fun meet people it's great it's New York dance week, we welcome everyone," said Samuel Salazar.

Alvin Ailey is known for its professional dance company but the Ailey extension program is for anyone even if you're a beginner. Their philosophy, real classes for real people.

"Today for the free trial class it was my first time the class was fun energetic," said Gary Elliot.

Most people said the reason they don't take dance classes is because they're intimidated.

"I've never done it before, I'm nervous I'm gonna be in a room full of real dancers and it was amazing," said Karen Dahl.

If you're worried you can't keep up, don't hide in the back, you can't see the teacher which makes it worse.

The best place is to stand in the middle so you can see and also cheat off the person next to you.

And even if you have no clue what you're doing, just fake it until you make it and at least you'll still be burning calories.

During New York City dance week, which starts Thursday, the first class is free. That ends on June 29th. And it's otherwise $17 per class.