Shooting leaves mom-to-be in serious condition

June 20, 2013 2:13:27 PM PDT
Marisela Vazquez may lose her baby to save her life after getting shot in the face during an attempted robbery.

The victim's husband says his wife is two months pregnant. She had her first of four surgeries on Thursday at Richmond University Medical Center.

Now he's face with the possible decision of terminating the pregnancy to help save his wife's life.

Marisela Vazquez is hooked up to tubes, her neck held by a brace, with a bullet still lodged in her face.

The 30 year old mother was walking from her car to her home Monday night after work in the Port Richmond section of Staten Island

When police say a man tried to rob her and in the scuffle he shot her in the face.

A neighbor's surveillance camera caught a quick glimpse of the suspect.

Santiago Vazquez says his wife ran into their home bleeding profusely and begging for help saying "i don't want to die."

He asked me to hide his face, fearing for the lives of his two young children.

Vazquez says he's just asking for justice. The couple is terrified of sudden miscarriage or being forced to terminate the pregnancy.

Neighbors are sick over the news, saying gunpoint robberies are sadly to say common here.

Marisela Vazquez can't talk. Doctors say it will take a long time for her to relearn how to speak, but she remembers everything about the night and has given those details to detectives.