Police searching for Canada Geese abuser

June 20, 2013 3:45:07 PM PDT
You don't have to look too hard to find company on the grassy spots near water in Westchester County. Some people love the geese, but others call them unwanted visitors.

However, someone may have taken their frustrations to the extreme in New Rochelle.

According to cops and animal rescue workers, a call came in from the Imperial Yacht Club on Davenport Avenue last Friday. A call about a Canada goose who police say was beaten so badly that the bones in her leg were broken and punctured through her skin.

The doctors who gave the goose the x-rays tells Eyewitness News the injuries were consistent with the goose bring struck by a broad object.

The folks at the Yacht Club knew nothing, but Kate Murphy took the anonymous call about the goose, and then tried to save it.

I know many people think Canada geese are a nuisance, it does not make it alright to abuse an animal and leave it to die," says Murphy.

There are other ways to get rid of geese ? you can use gadgets like one called "The Goosinator", or you can scare them off the old fashioned way. In Eastchester, they use a Border Collie to scare them away.

Wildlife experts will tell you that many of the communities only contribute to the goose population by getting rid of their natural predators ? coyotes, but there has also been a lot of development in their natural habitats.

Animal experts say to not go to extremes such as this, because you could face a fine. In this case, the Department of Environmental Conservation and the SPCA are now investigating.