Duct tape now being used for fashion and crafts

June 24, 2013 3:39:33 PM PDT
Duct tape: it has many uses.

In 2003, sales of duct tape rose after the government said it was useful in biological, chemical or radiological attack.

And now it's found new life: it's the must have item when it comes to fashion and crafts.

"I love when people say to me, what is that?", said duct tape crafter Richela Fabian Morgan. "It's just a fabulous feelng when you say, oh, it's duct tape and you see their expression.

Friends call her 'The Duct Tape Queen', and with good reason.

Richela has a healthy obsession with the sticky stuff and creating just about anything and everything out of something just about everyone has.

"Duct tape is very alluring, it's shiny, it's brightly colored, all of those different and patterns are available," she said.

And stacked right on her workspace.

Richela's earliest memory of duct tape?

"My dad putting it on the rip on the car seat, the vinyl car seat and thinking, what are you doing, but it worked."

The best way to get your head around all of this is to think of the duct tape as fabric, and it makes sense.

"The great thing about the fabric is you don't have to sew it, all you have to do is take more duct tale and you've made your seams," said Richela.

It's hard to believe that what was during World War II used as sealing tape on ammunition cases, has morphed into duct tape jewelry.

Richela holds workshops and has pubilshed books about this hot trend and her proudest creations, including a portrait of Tom Cruise, made out of duct tape.

"It's really found a place and it's not going anywhere," said Richela.