Two brothers involved in deadly crash in Melville

June 29, 2013 3:15:48 PM PDT
They were only a year apart, but friends say 19-year-old Kevin Vega and his younger brother, Ray, 18, were as close as brothers could be.

Both brothers were driving home in separate cars from Dave and Busters in Farmingdale with friends early Saturday morning just after 1 a.m, and were heading northbound on Walt Whitman Road in Melville.

Police say Ray was speeding, and tried to pass his older brother, Kevin, when Ray sideswiped him. Police say Ray lost control, hit a curb, and then slammed into the tree. Ray was pronounced dead at the scene.17-year-old Carmen Rivera-Gotay was in the car with him. She also died.

"You turn on the news, it hit home quite hard," said the victim's sister, Jennifer Gotay.

Kevin Vega walked away from the accident unharmed. A 21-year-old man was in the car with him, and he also walked away. Friends and family are both distraught.

"I just hope that one feels responsible, kids make stupid mistakes," said the victims' classmate, Jacqueline Contina.

Family members say Carmine Rivera-Gotay was a talented artist and musician, and a rising senior at Huntington High. Ray graduated just last week. At the Vega home on Saturday afternoon, friends and family arrived to console each other, while friends erected a memorial at the scene.