Man shot while standing next to officer

July 2, 2013 2:35:34 PM PDT
A man was shot while standing next to a police officer in Connecticut.

Police were investigating reports of gunfire in the area when more shots were fired.

Stamford Police are investigating a strange incident which left a 21-year old man shot, a police officer nearly shot, and now the victim is threatening to sue the city claiming the department acted improperly.

This happened early Saturday morning on the West Side of the city.

Police were responding to a call of shots fired.

That's when they encountered 21-year old Larry Jackson who was walking near his home.

Police stopped Jackson, asked if he heard anything, and frisked him.

While speaking with the officers, police say a gunman ran at them, fired two shots; one just missed the officer, the other hit Jackson in the hip.

The 21-year-old has retained an attorney who may sue the city, claiming it may have been a police officer who accidently shot him.

The family also objects to Jackson's being stopped and frisked since he wasn't involved.

But police say that it is standard procedure.

When asked about the possibility it was a police officer that shot Jackson, police say, "There's no chance".

Police continue to search for the gunman.