Relief from the heat at Minus5 Ice Bar

July 5, 2013 3:15:02 PM PDT
With the sun baking the Big Apple, everyone's look for relief from the summer heat and a new bar is arriving just in time.

It's beyond cool, it's freezing, and made of ice!

Don't worry, you don't need to walk into the coolest spot in the city wearing your own wintry get up.

Because at Minus5 Ice Bar in the Midtown Hilton Hotel, they have all the gear to get you ready like, parkas, faux furs, hats and gloves.

"Gloves on because the glasses are made of ice and you need a good grip on those glasses," It's a shivery delivery into 1,000 square feet of ice.

"It is minus 5 Celsius which is 23 degrees Fahrenheit,"

It keeps everything, the bar, the benches frozen, even the cocktail glasses 4,000 of them are made with ice.

Minus 5 is a huge hit in the desert with two locations in Las Vegas. The nippy novelty now in New York, does take millions to pull off in technology.

"Takes into account traffic temperature, wind, body heat, humidity," said Noel Bowman, Minus 5 Operations Director.

All of that working with changing LED lights, music, and a chilly changing background.

"In here's the VIP room which is my favorite," said Peter Slavin, ice sculptor.

The ice man, sculptor Peter Slavin, is in charge of having the arctic like igloo ready for revelers by Monday's opening.

"It is very forgiving, if I crack off something I can glue it on with a little water," Slavin said.

Ice is perishable and so are humans who usually last long enough for one or two cocktails.

"The average experience in half hour, 45 minutes, they come in they dance around,"

Admission is $20 and for another $20 you even can get your frosty photo snapped for Facebook!

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