Special deliveries of birthday cakes to those in need

July 8, 2013 7:14:34 PM PDT
For nearly 30 years, a New York City non-profit has been making sure that the homebound get fed a healthy meal.

But 'God's Love We Deliver' adds something to the delivery one day each year for each of its clients.

Chuck 'The Baker' Piekarski does all his baking in his hot corner of the kitchen, where he displayed his plain vanilla foundation cakes.

But while they may be plain vanilla, there's really something special about these cakes.

Each one is decorated and delivered to a homebound person who's actually celebrating his or her birthday.

"I find through doing this that a lot of people have never even got a birthday cake," said Piekarski.

So Chuck no longer takes birthday cakes for granted.

For 22 years, he's made all the desserts at God's Love We Deliver.

The non-profit currently serves about 2,000 meals a day to New Yorkers in need.

And while everyone gets a dessert, a cake comes on the birthday as well.

"It's a surprise to most people that they're getting a birthday cake," Chuck said.

He bakes and decorates about 50 birthday cakes a week.

"Today one of them is Toni, and we're going to deliver a cake. She's probably going to flip," Piekarski said.

And Chuck makes it a point to personally deliver a few of the cakes each year.

Toni had just got out of the hospital after another bout with pneumonia, and a birthday cake goes a long way.

"It means so much to be remembered by someone and take care of my nutrition and everything. They're really kind," she said.

And for Chuck, a visit like that keeps him motivated to churn out cakes in that hot kitchen.

"What we do is feeding people, keeping them healthy. But a birthday cake, wow, that lifts your spirits."

For more information please visit: http://www.godslovewedeliver.org/bakesale