2-year-old girl found home alone in Roselle Park, New Jersey

July 9, 2013 2:08:41 PM PDT
Roselle Police are questioning the mother of a 2-year-old girl who was found left alone in an apartment.

Roselle Park first responders closed in on a corner apartment at the Woodside Garden Apartments after receiving an urgent call, police say, from a social worker checking on a family.

"The social worker smelled smoke and called police," said Chief Paul Morrison, Roselle Park Police.

Police Chief Paul Morrison says officers then entered a first floor apartment and to their surprise found a little 2-year-old girl home alone inside, which was filling with smoke.

"That is the point of the investigation as to why the child was unattended," Morrison said.

The child lives there with her 23-year-old mother.

Police say they later found her wandering around a cafe seen from Newscopter 7 in neighboring Canford.

Police took her into custody.

"It is terrifying, because you never know what can happen. It's unusual for this complex," said Rebecca Ribaudo, a neighbor.

Neighbors in the complex are quite surprised by the incident. Patrick Legros lives next door.

"They just close their door, they don't even say 'hi' to anybody or anything, but that's sad," Legros said.

"It's unbelievable. Maybe something happened to her, I have no idea," said Irina Sharoma, a neighbor.

Police will not reveal more about what was causing the smoky condition in the apartment.

Still, others can't imagine why the child would be left home alone.

"A two year old. I wouldn't leave my daughter alone like that," said Vreneli Abellar, a neighbor.