Brooklyn man charged with lighting American flag on fire

July 9, 2013 2:44:35 PM PDT
A man is under arrest on charges of setting fire to a giant American flag that was hanging outside a pub in Midtown Manhattan. It happened just hours after we celebrated our nation's birthday, during the pre-dawn hours on July 5th on West 35th Street.

Old Glory was proudly hanging in front of an Irish pub when a man was seen on surveillance video taking a lighter to the red white and blue.

Except this flag was flame resistant and a quick flick would not work.

As the video shows, he spends 18 minutes on a Midtown street trying again and again to torch the flag.

"For a guy to burn the flag is disgusting," said pub manager Kimberly Kolbert. "I don't think anybody should burn any kind of flag in any country, especially the United States of America."

During this time others walk by but no one stops the man.

After the flag finally surrenders, he lights up a cigarette, watches the flames, even takes pictures of his act of arson, then walks away.

Thankfully a busboy inside noticed the fire and immediately doused the flames before they could spread to the building.

And thanks to the surveillance video, police have now arrested 26 year old Jeffrey Schorfheide from Brooklyn.

He is now being charged with a hate crime in addition to arson and other charges.