Yoga fun for babies and kids

July 9, 2013 3:34:33 PM PDT
A lot of adults do yoga to alleviate stress or increase flexibility, but now more and more children are taking part in this ancient practice.

You may see them in Central Park where they are learning to stretch like a dog, balance like a flamingo, and breathe like a bunny.

They do the surfer move, roar like lions and wag their tails like puppy dogs.

They may not be your traditional names for poses but it works.

Balancing is a piece of cake for these little ones.

Who, when it comes to yoga, would give many of us a run for our money.

"They come out of the womb very flexible and it's as we get older that we become more stressed and rigid and we start to hunch our backs," said Shenae Osborn, Little Yoga Bubbles.

Age is definitely on their side.

"Little Yoga Bubbles" is the brainchild of Shenae Osborn.

When she moved here from California she had a tough time finding the right yoga class for her little boys.

"It's more like playtime, it's not true yoga and I believe kids of any age can do true yoga, you just have to believe in them," Osborn said.

Shenae just kicked off a summer series. Three times a week, you'll find the class in Central Park, where the instructor uses creative kid like saying to get the children moving.

The class is donation based; $10 is suggested but not required.

"I don't think yoga should be based on your socioeconomic background so I started on a profit, not profit and just realized not for profit can reach out to a lot more people," Osborn said.

Shenae says this is not just about stretching and moving, rather its yoga with a purpose, the instructor also focuses on the kids emotions during class.

Babies as young as three months old have joined in.

Twins Isabelle and Sophia are perfecting their moves.

"They like having someone to watch and follow and do all the movements and everything and they seemed to have taken a liken to it, which is good, I was hoping for a success this time and I think we got it," Poulin said.

Right now "Little Yoga Bubbles" is offered in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but may soon land in parts of Massachusetts and in San Francisco.

This summer series runs until August 23rd.

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