Principal forced to resign without explanation

July 9, 2013 8:19:24 PM PDT
She was a popular high school principal who started shaking things up right after she was hired two years ago.

Now, she's out of a job. And neither she nor hundreds of parents who are supporting her know or understand why.

They're demanding answers.

Dawn Bartz is technically still the principal of Pleasantville High School but her contract expires at the end of the month.

She was forced to submit a letter of resignation and no one is exactly sure why.

Bartz took over as principal two years ago and admits she made changes and shook things up.

Tuesday night, most of the nearly 200 parents, students and community members expressed support for Bartz and blasted the board, not necessarily for a making a change, but for the way it's being handled.

Issues that have surfaced include a faction of disgruntled teachers, and complaints over how drug use among students was dealt with.

For its part, the board says it is legally prohibited from discussing specifics.

With the matter unresolved, Bartz says students are the ones who will suffer.