Car crashes into house in Fanwood

July 13, 2013 9:42:51 AM PDT
A neighborhood in New Jersey is cleaning up after a car flew across three front yards, and slammed into a house.

The black BMW landed on the doorstep of 152 Paterson Road in Fanwood shortly before noon Friday after hurtling through the neighborhood like a missile.

"He went airborne and I guess that was it," said Phillips Williams, next-door neighbor.

Most neighbors heard it, but Kathy Porter saw it.

"It was a real blur, I didn't see the person in the car, but all I saw was a shot of black," Porter said.

The 47-year-old driver was alone in the car and conscious when firefighters pulled him out.

His condition could not be confirmed, but investigators speculated that he might have suffered some sort of neurological episode.

The owners of the damaged home are on vacation with their 7-year-old twins who might have been playing where the car hit.

Maria and Nelson Gomez are their grandparents.

"That's scary, really scary, we were lucky," said Nelson Gomez, the homeowner's father.

But it was a close call for everyone there, and neighbors held a small block party Friday night to celebrate their good fortune.

You can see the damage, but what you can't see are any skid marks.

It's just further proof of just how lucky the neighbors really are.