Up Close: Eliot Spitzer

July 14, 2013 12:27:29 PM PDT
Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is getting back in the political arena, after a prostitution scandal forced him from office.

He's seeking forgiveness, and votes, as he launches a campaign for New York City Comptroller.

But will New Yorkers welcome him back?

In March of 2008, just 15 months into his governorship, Spitzer resigned from office after it was revealed he was patonizing prostitutes.

He's betting that New Yorkers will forgive him, but he may face a big gender gap when it comes to redemption..

Still, a new Marist NBC New York Wall Street Journal poll say many are willing to hear him out.

About two-thirds of registered Democrats, 67-percent, say he deserves a second chance.

And that same poll puts Spitzer ahead of his Democratic opponent, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, 42 percent to 33.

He's got the money to run, but will he have the signatures he needs to get on the ballot, and can he win over voters in New York City?

Spitzer joins us to discuss his political comeback.

Also this week, the battle over medical marijuana for children in New Jersey.

Governor Christie says easing current restrictions might turn the state into a haven for pot smokers.

But the parents of a 2-year old girl suffering from epilepsy say the governor is preventing their daughter from getting a life-saving treatment.

Meghan and Brian Wilson are with us, along with the child's doctor, Anthony Anzalone, to talk about their fight in New Jersey to get a drug they say is legally allowed and should be available for their child.

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