Fishing in the city along the Hudson

July 16, 2013 3:02:21 PM PDT
If you are looking to get away for a peaceful day of fishing, you can do it in of all places along the Hudson River from a pier right off Charles Street in the West Village.

The river is apparently teeming with fish, particularly here where the tidal waters of the Atlantic merge with the fresh water of the Hudson. You can catch a fish in a half-hour, some say.

The Hudson River Park Trust encourages fishing with its Big city fishing program.

Indeed, Big City Fishing provides the rods, the bait, and they'll even put the bait on the hooks.

If you do catch one, they'll unhook the fish and toss it back. This is a catch and release program.

Little kids will receive a certificate for their catch.

You can also learn about the kind of fish you caught. There are 80 species swimming these waters, and while fishing can be great fun, there's more at stake.

"We also want people to walk away having a meaningful connection with the river. Our local water is an amazing natural resource and fishing provides one way to actually connect to that natural resource," Carrie Roble, Environmental Education, said.

The setting, urban and yet tranquil, offers a great way to spend several hours.

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