West Village store serves up goat milk ice cream

July 18, 2013 2:31:34 PM PDT
At Victory Garden, Sophia Brittan serves up ice cream made of organic goat's milk On a hot summer day, many may prefer it to regular ice cream.

Brittan believes in goat milk so strongly that the West Village shop is dedicated to it. She has goat milk soap, goat milk cheesecake in jars, goat milk cheesecake in jars, goat milk Greek yogurt, and even goat milk coffee. However, the main draw is the soft-serve goat milk ice cream.

"A lot of people are apprehensive about trying it because they associate it with cheese, or a cheesy flavor," says Brittan.

Ice cream made with goat milk has more calcium than cow's milk ice cream. It is also digestion-friendly because of the smaller fat and lactose molecules.

"It's more similar to human milk than cow's milk, so your body can digest it much more easily. The molecule is smaller, so it has lactose, but your body can process the lactose, so it is lactose friendly," adds Brittan.

At Victory Garden, there are four flavors a day, the tangy goat milk flavor is always on the menu, as is salted caramel.

Now Gastronomie 491 is also offering goat milk ice cream as well ? the samples hitting the spot. On a hot summer day, a little goat milk ice cream could go a long way.

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