Dog dies after hanging self trying to escape heat

July 18, 2013 2:48:35 PM PDT
Two women face animal cruelty charges over a pit bull's heat-related death.

The dog was left outside without any water and took desperate measures to find relief.

The suspects allegedly chained the dogs in a corner of the backyard. No trees, just dirt and sun.

"The dogs to get cool would dig a hole, they put an umbrella up, it was just too hot. said Bruce Campbell.

The dog was then found hanging as he appeared to jump a fence to relieve himself from the sun.

Workers at a nearby business, tried to help.

"My driver was leaving and he called me to say it looked like one of the dogs had died as he hung himself on his chained up collar," said Gary Hotra.

The homeowner would not speak on camera after they came from court on animal cruelty charges.., and said the dogs belonged to a friend and that she let them keep the dogs there, but that it was their responsibility to care for them. Not hers.

And that was her excuse.