5 hospitalized after Brooklyn shooting

July 20, 2013 6:12:38 PM PDT
A shootout in the middle of the street on Saturday sent residents of Bushwick, Brooklyn ducking for cover.

Five people were shot outside the Bushwick Houses on Menahan Street - three men and two women. All of the victims were taken to Elmhurst Hopsital.

Eyewitnesses say five young men ran through the neighborhood and started shooting, allegedly at a man who they had an altercation with yesterday at McDonalds.

The shooters took off by running through a park. Police recovered a firearm at the scene.

Ivet Hernandez says she saw the incident happen. "There was [sic] children here, children playing in the park, and everybody just scattered because they were scared," Hernandez said, "nobody ever experienced that on this block."

The irony is that the 83rd Precinct is 100 feet away from where the shooting happened. It is so close that detectives walked to the scene. Instead of calling 911, residents told Eyewitness News that they ran towards the precinct and started screaming for help.