Automated parking lots coming soon to NYC

July 23, 2013 5:50:46 AM PDT
Parking is being turned upside down in New York City.

Robots are parking peoples' cars and there is no tipping required.

A large automated lot will be opening in Brooklyn.

Drive your car in, park it, and leave it with nobody, as in no human parking attendant.

"We save time, space, and money," said Ari Milstein, Automotion Systems.

They also save the environment because no one drives your car so there's no exhaust.

This automated garage is on 24th at Lexington. As you pull in, your car's dimensions are measured by laser.

"We're able to protect. No bumper bullies, no none of that," Milstein said.

What fits? Well, SUV's as big as an Excursion, and then computers move the car on a platform.

This exact kind of automated parking garage will go underground in Downtown Brooklyn on Willoughby. Above will be a one acre public park with grass, trees and benches.

The garage will hold 700 cars! All of the old buildings will go except for one that is landmarked as a former home along the underground railroad.

So with respect for history, and a nod to the future, this project will unfold over the next two years.

To drop off and pick up your car takes less than two minutes.