Fridge woman hid money in, junked

July 23, 2013 3:04:22 PM PDT
A Queens woman hid her life savings in the refrigerator, but her family got rid of the fridge not knowing what was inside.

"I forget my money that's in there!" said Magda Castillo, a lucky saver.

Magda kept all her cash savings in a box fridge, her sister never knew that and junked that fridge for $5 a few days ago.

Atlantic recycling took the fridge, and Mike and Freddy smashed it like a pancake. They were just doing their job.

"She went like this (made the sign of the cross) and said 'I had $5,000 in there,'" said Fred Alsterberg, of Atlantic Recycling.

So they came back here three times; first to junk, then to say the money was in there, and then after they saw on the news that they found money and were looking for them!

"I cry! I tell the guy the truth, I had $5,000 in that Frigidaire," Castillo said.

The guys pried the smashed fridge open with a forklift and found all the money stuffed in envelopes and wrapped in plastic bags.

"There were her two bags! We got to get her the money back," said Mike Downer, of Atlantic Recycling.

Mike shrugs off how great he is, but the ladies pushed reward money in his hand.

He gave it back and then Magda insisted on $200 for lunch for all, with a kiss and a hug. Good love, good deeds, a happy ending, and now some business for the bank.

"Now I go to bank to open an account!" Castillo said.