Arrest made in shooting death of East Harlem woman

July 24, 2013 2:12:59 PM PDT
It was an emotional scene as a family confronted the woman accused of killing their daughter.

"You killed my daughter! Michelle, did you shoot her?" said Crystal Brown, the victim's mother.

"I didn't do this Miss Crystal; I didn't do this," said Michelle Graham, shooting suspect.

It was a dramatic and chaotic end to an hour long search at the Lincoln Houses Wednesday afternoon.

Only Eyewitness News' camera was there when Michelle Graham was taken away in handcuffs, surrounded by police in part for her own protection.

After a fight Monday night in front of 1960 Park, police say Graham left, got a gun, came back, and shot Olivia Brown five times. She died at the hospital.

"I'm so happy. They killed my daughter right here where we stand. This is my daughter's blood. This is my daughter's blood," Brown said.

Crystal Brown is Olivia's mother. She has known the suspect for years.

"She knew my daughter since she was 6. Killed my child for nothing," Brown said.

It was just two days after all five mayoral candidates slept in apartments there and at the end, promised residents things would get better.

"Why are they not here now? Where are they? Where were the police when they shot my daughter?" Brown said.

Crystal says several people witnessed the shooting, but Graham says she was not involved.

"I did not shoot Olivia," Graham said.

"You did not?" Brown said.

"I did not. I swear, I didn't do this," Graham said.

Now that's a matter for the courts

But at the Lincoln Houses, life goes on, and for Crystal, life is now without her daughter.

She says she is numb.

"I really have no feeling, I really have no feelings, I really have none," Brown said.