Elderly man raising money by 'not' skydiving

July 24, 2013 2:45:58 PM PDT
He loves skydiving, he does it for charity, and he's turning 92 years old!

But now, some are pleading with this man not to do another jump.

Aaron Rosloff is 91 years young and he's jumping out of a perfectly good airplane more than two miles up in the air. Eyewitness News met him on the ground.

Aaron explains staying fit with 40 push-ups a day and trying new things keeps him young.

"I wanted to jump since I was in the Air Force," Rosloff said.

Well, his dear late wife Millie, of 62 years, put the kibosh on that.

"She said, 'OK, go ahead, but if you survive it I won't be here when you get back!'" Rosloff said.

So it wasn't until after Millie passed that Aaron decided to jump for charity, the South Brunswick Food Pantry, and then last year he broke his ankle doing it, which got his Rabbi joking around.

"I said Aaron I'll give you $100 to do it, and $200 if you don't do it, checks started coming in," said Rabbi Robert Wolkoff, of B'nai Tikvah.

Now not jumping has raised almost $7,000, twice what he raised when he did jump.

"If they write a book on how to be a man, he's the cover shot. He is just a remarkable person," Wolkoff said.

Eyewitness News knew that in 30 seconds! He says he hopes this makes people smile and give to the food pantry!

"As long as people want me to jump or not jump or do ridiculous things, I'll do it for the food pantry," Rosloff said.

Don't jump! Just give.

If you'd like to give:

South Brunswick, NJ Food Pantry 732-339-4000


Send donations to:

Food pantry re: AARON's non jump
540 Ridge Road
South Brunswick, NJ 08852