Growing mosquito problem in Bellerose

July 25, 2013 3:31:19 PM PDT
There are serious worries about a growing mosquito infestation in Queens.

Residents claim the problem is out of control and there are fears about the threat of the West Nile Virus.

Now, they are calling on City Hall to do more to protect their community.

"This has gotten out of control," said Kristine Sonnick, a Bellerose resident.

Kristine is a little embarrassed, showing Eyewitness News her backyard garden, where weeds have now taken over.

She blames it all on mosquitoes.

"I normally love to garden, love to be outside but haven't put out tables and chairs because it's just not worth it," Kristine Sonnick said.

Across the street Joe agrees, he's taking advantage of this cool day to get outside.

You see everyone on 87th Drive and in many other parts of Bellerose is dealing with what they say is an infestation of mosquitoes.

Joe used to have bushes as tall as 20 feet in his yard but got rid of them all, put up a fence instead, and says the greenery was a mosquito magnet.

"It was an adventure to go outside to just do something for a few seconds," said Joe Guzy, a resident.

The big fear here is with so many mosquitoes, someone is going to come down with West Nile.

"Last week at 2 in the afternoon, I was in my driveway and had to go inside because I got four bug bites in my leg," said A.J. Sonnick, a resident.

Folks are begging the city to start spraying.

In fact, just Wednesday night that did happen, but Bellerose falls outside of that target area, which critics say, doesn't make sense since it's only about 15 blocks away.

"Mosquitoes don't know lines on a map; it's ridiculous to spray all around Bellerose and not in Bellerose," said Sen. Tony Avella, (D) Queens.

But the city says spraying is a last resort and that it is monitoring things, has treated catch basins with larvicide, but has not yet seen West Nile virus in Bellerose.

"I kind of felt like, Bellerose was forgotten about," A.J. Sonnick said.