Thief makes off with musician's van, guitar

July 25, 2013 3:06:42 PM PDT
String Bean is a huge part of the Asbury Park music scene. So is his Gretch, which went missing last week.

"I walked out to where I parked my van, thought I parked it somewhere else, when I realized it was gone," he said.

Guitar, amplifiers inside, gone too. Then a guy showed up at "swap for cash" in Oakhurst where the rule is: you must own what you're selling. The folks here say he brought in a guitar and an amp.

"He said it was handed down to him. I looked it up for what it's worth and paid him," owner George Scandalis said.

By then, musicians were all over Facebook listing everything taken from a fellow musician. The post was shared nearly a thousand times. George hadn't seen it, but he happened to say to a friend.

"I got this amp over the weekend. He said 'it's not a 67 with a rope handle, is it?' I said uhhh yeaaaah..yeah it would be," he explained.

George and his wife called police. They also called string bean.

"That was a relief. I'm happy, grateful," String Bean said.

"I've lost things and I didn't get them back. Giving it back was a really nice feeling that at least he was made whole," Scandalis said. "As a guitar player, I totally get it. That's his guitar."

String Bean's van is still missing and police are still trying the track down the suspect.