Police search for driver in Woodside hit-and-run

July 25, 2013 8:17:36 PM PDT
Police are looking for a hit and run driver who left a young man to die on the side of the road.

The 18-year-old victim is in serious condition.

Witnesses say he ended up on the hood of the vehicle pleading for the driver to stop.

But that driver accelerated instead.

For 48 hours now, Emron Hossain has been lying in intensive care. The 18-year-old was seriously hurt after a driver slammed into him and left him for dead.

"Really feel sad about my brother, seeing him lying like that on the bed," said Khairul Islam, the victim's brother.

Emron's big brother Khairul Islam can't believe anyone could be so cruel.

It happened early Wednesday morning, as the Bangladeshi immigrant was pedaling him from his job at a Woodside pizzeria.

Police say a black car hit the teen, sending him up onto the hood, knocking him right out of his shoes.

Then, as he banged on the car to get it to stop, the driver instead hit the gas, sending Emron flying face first onto Northern Boulevard.

"He just fell to the back and his left side of his face just hit the floor," Islam said.

It broke his cheek and his nose, and knocked him unconscious.

Family members say he has no memory of what happened.

Now, as police try to find the driver responsible, Khairul is desperate to ask one simple question.

"I wish I can find him and ask him why would you do something like that?" Israel said.