Lightening uncovers creepy stash of doll heads

July 26, 2013 3:27:12 PM PDT
There was a bizarre find in one woman's yard in Jackson, New Jersey.

She says when lightning hit her tree, it unearthed doll heads from the ground.

The whole thing started with a storm, and JoAnn Diaz was pulling up in her driveway.

"We heard a crackling sound like Tasers and the jeep started shaking," Diaz said.

Lightning struck one of the tallest trees in the bunch.

"And it wrapped around the tree and the bottom just exploded," Diaz said.

Out of nowhere, at the base of the tree, a terra cotta head and broken body popped up and she couldn't wait to show her husband.

"So when he got home, we found that other creepy head," Diaz said.

The property has been in JoAnn's family for more than 70 years.

Her grandparents and then her parents owned it.

It's a place of many family gatherings, but she doesn't remember ever seeing these things.

And now, she's been given spooky instructions by people who've seen her story, like, smudge her property and her family.

"It's a Native American tradition to root out evil spirits; they say remain from Sandy," Diaz said, "I'm told not to touch them or move them."

"Does that freak you out?" Eyewitness News asked.

"Yeah, I could not sleep last night," Diaz said.

What evil spirit can stand up to smileys and hearts in pink lipstick?

They're going to look through old family photos to see if they turn up in any of them.